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Fallen Angels, Divine Angels.

I first had the idea about Marcus whilst listening to a song called Shroud by a band called Fields of the Nephilim. It’s an unusual song, and the voice of Carl, the singer is so deep it sounds inhuman, he speaks Latin (I think) in parts of it. It’s a heavy song with Gregorian chanting at the beginning, it's very haunting. (Link here, tbh headphones are best to get the ambiance!)

As I commuted on the train to the office I'd listen to it and my imagination would soar.

But I knew nothing of Nephilim per say, I knew Marcus would have black wings as opposed to white and slate grey eyes and be telepathic.

Imagine my surprise when I later read the eyes and telepathy were said to be common traits among the Nephilim!

A warrior of God who falls beyond redemption when temptation leads him into evil. So, to learn more though I went back to the original, fascinating, research from Biblical times. Scouring the Old Testament-which coming from an atheist family was interesting indeed.

The Nephilim were the fallen angels from heaven and became leaders to mankind. Stronger, bigger and faster than humans, they had telepathic abilities and infinite intelligence. Their senses were second to no other mortal creature.

Everything was larger with them, including their stature, their communities, their parties and their hatred for under-worlders; vampires, ghouls, demons, evil.

Their nations were of a magnitude unknown to mankind before, think the statues of Egypt, it’s said that these were actual depictions of Nephilim.

But they fell at the mercy of God’s wrath because they taught humans about their skills, teaching mortals healing, nature, war, how to make weapons of fire and how to read omens.

And of course, by intermarrying and breeding with humans.

Descendants’ of these mixed pairings were both human and Nephilim, half-celestial, half mortal, and more powerful in all ways than a regular human.

Acacius: Nephilim warrior.

My name is Acacius. I was born in Istanbul over two hundred years ago. As is common to my kind, my human mother died giving birth to me so I never knew her and my father and Aunt raised me. I was raised in seclusion from humans, being Nephilim, my inherited traits would be too easily exposed. I am a Transcended Nephilim, meaning I am only one-quarter human and my divine side is strong within me.

The death of my mother had a huge impact on my father and I always held a sense of guilt, she lost her life giving me mine. My father never blamed me for this and is to this day a friend and guide to me. But I couldn’t shake off that feeling as I watched him over the years and so I vowed never to love a mortal and go through such intense grief.

We traveled the world and my father taught me languages, music, art and philosophy. I write books and have written under various pseudonyms’ for over a decade. I don’t want to be found out, but in this twenty-first century, maybe who knows, I could carry it off.

My only friends are Nephilim and oddly now, vampires. We hunt under-worlders’ and when they threaten the fragile mortals, we hunt them mercilessly to the death. It might surprise you, but to be honest, I only kill if I have to. I don’t want to live the life of a warrior, don’t get me wrong I was trained to kill and am fully adept at killing. It’s just my mind travels to higher subjects and I would rather spend my time focused on the beauty of this world, rather than live in its darkness. These days though all I seem to do is kill and hunt.

And wonder what life could be if I could love without death following.

This bio was written before I wrote Dark Nephilim. You’ve already seen Marcus’s. I write a brief bio on all my characters- funny saying ‘all my characters’ because I get so immersed in them, that they feel real.

This isn’t the picture I used originally but I don’t own the picture I used, and copy right is such I can’t legally post it. But in your imagination, he’d look different anyway, so the picture really represents a feeling of him.


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