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Final book Lucifer's Revelation is almost here....

Hello Supernatural Readers

The final book, Lucifer’s Revelation release date will be pushed back a bit as my editor is ill.

I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for reading this series, leaving reviews and I’m stoked you’re enjoying your time with Lucifer & co!

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In other news: this week aside from pondering over ads- if you see them, please put a fun/ kind comment in there; -), lol, no really... I’ve been writing the new series, (Angels & Gods Chronicles) and trying in vain to rescue fledglings that the cat caught.

Last week I seriously considered learning to surf as it was so hot I melted.

This week however, now the weather is normal, scrap that! Super freezing in the UK seas. Too cold for sharks though... Been listening to Can’t Hurt Me. I know the author receives a lot of criticism because he’s super competitive. My take on it, his story gives you permission to believe in yourself, be your own hero. Overcome the odds. A fascinating listen. Really enjoying it.

I’ll report back ASAP. Be sure to grab Wolf Moon free. Loads of great reviews on Goodreads.

Stay chilled, Best JO x JN MOON

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