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Wolf Moon

A lone alpha.

A community shattered by a bloodbath.
A love born from
the ashes...

My name is Conor. I am the alpha of an ancient pack in Wychwood forest, a community brutalised by the savagery of a new species. On the precipice of a terrible war and the fate of my pack in my hands, I had to call for help.

From the ashes, love took aim at my heart; a fiery curve ball. Could I love a mortal woman? More importantly, could I keep her safe?

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Reader Reviews

"Grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let go."




"J.N. Moon has been one of my favorite authors for a couple of years now. She has such a dark and magical way of telling stories that capture the reader's interest.
Wolf Moon is a fantastic book that combines many different lores together to create a world only Moon could craft.
The Characters are great and well written. I am looking forward to more in this world from Ms. Moon. A must read."

"Oh my goodness the characters are remarkable, the story line riveting and captivating and with the roller coaster of romance and chaos I couldn't put it down!!"

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