The Blood Oath Series





Would you betray your lover to save a friend?


As a paramedic, Eloise had seen her share of gruesome horror. Yet nothing could have prepared her for this... 


In the middle of treating a frantic patient, she’s bitten. What should have been a simple accident awakened something deep within her psyche that refused to be ignored. Determined to uncover the truth, she ventured out to face her demons. 


But these monsters were no metaphor. 


The last thing she expected was Jason—a handsome stranger with secrets all his own, who happened to be chasing the same shadows. Together, they embark on a hunt to find the creature terrorizing their city. 


Ghosts, vampires, demons, and witches: a world she never knew existed reveals itself to Eloise. Each new magical element uncovered leaves her questioning who she can trust... if anyone. 


Fans of dark urban fantasy will love The Blood Oath Trilogy, a gritty adventure with a bite of romance.  




What would you do if your fears came to life, and you were the cause of a friend’s death? 


Bones strewn throughout the city. 

Dark magic lurking in the shadows.

Eloise thought she was doing the right thing when she enlisted her supernatural friends to help discover who was behind the violent attacks terrorising the city. Little did she know, involving them would cost one their life. 


Because she cared, he died...


No one is safe from the darkness preying on immortals. As demons rise from their crypts and dastardly secrets are revealed, Eloise faces the icy reality that this is one battle she won’t make it out of alive.


Vampires, werewolves, and even a cocky mage have teamed up to fight the most grisly  immortals ever known.


But will it be enough?


Friendships are tested. Lives are lost. Jason realizes he needs to embrace the vicious creature within that screams to escape, yet knows this will drive Eloise away.

As much as he loves her, it’s the only help he can offer as she faces off with a thousand-year-old vampire hell-bent on bringing the city to its knees. 


An urban fantasy set in a world of magic and intrigue, Immortal Secrets is a book that delivers more than just bite. Grab your copy and get sucked in...



Sometimes the world doesn’t need a hero. It needs a vampire.

What laid buried for centuries has arisen, fuelled by blood-thirsty vengeance.


Trapped inside a portal, Eloise, Jason, and Hakon fight for their lives in brutal trials against horrific monsters.

From the shadows emerges The Father of all vampires, prepared to lead those he deems worthy in a battle that will bring the city to its knees.  


Forced to embrace their violent natures, supernatural beings of all kinds are pitted against each other with mortals caught in the crossfire. 


As Fae appear to take a stand, Eloise realizes she’s backed the wrong side.

But the war will not end without bloody sacrifice, and Eloise vows to do whatever it takes to save those she loves. Choosing death for the greater good, her life will never be the same... 



Love will be tested, and redemption earned in, Immortal Obsession, the epic finale to the gripping Blood Oath Series! 

Sink your teeth in for a twist you’ll never forget!


An urban fantasy set in a world of magic and intrigue, Immortal Obsession is a book that delivers more than just bite. Grab your copy and get sucked in...