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Would you steal Poseidon’s Trident to save your lover?


The blood of Dragon shifters is unrivalled and formidable...


Emma’s only hope to rescue her lover from the clutches of a crazed Pagan God is with the help of a scandalous demon. An incubus.


Thrown into the watery realms of the Selkies, sea witches and Atlantis, Emma and her rebellious friends soon realize that they’re up against far more than one Pagan God.


The father of all monsters has risen.


He blackened out the sun as his wings opened.


Zeus created the first lycan as a curse.

Now the lycans have to beg him to save them...


Only the Gods can help them now, but they view shifters as an abomination.


Can Zeus get past his judgement, his anger to cooperate with those he deems lesser beings?



Spellbinding mayhem, Greek Gods, demons, vampires and Nephilim battle it out to defeat a monster unparalleled by any other.


Grab your life jacket, this is one hell of a ride.


Welcome to the Dragon Born...

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They say that mortals are more dangerous than supernaturals...


They’re wrong. The Grigori, the Watcher Angels wield terrible power. Now they’re enraged...


The stakes have changed. An ancient Order has amassed with the help of the Grigori who have presided over humanity for thousands of years.


And they view Emma and her kind an abomination, an affront to God.


Using the highest magic, the Order is a force only seen once before, in the seventeenth-century witch trials, but now they have technology.


Slaughtering everyone in their way, they want Emma, her divine power to create a force to annihilate supernaturals from the inside out.


She must seek help from dubious sources to save her kin.

An incubus wielding dark Babylonian witchcraft, raising the Etemmu, demonic souls, erratic and treacherous.


Headed by Arakiel, the Grigori are furious, cast down to Earth, he longs for home and will crush all immortals unless Emma helps him return to Heaven.

But can he be trusted?


She has to steal a scroll from the Marquis of Hell, who happens to be a fallen angel, turned demon. That’s his ticket home.

So Emma has to go to Hell...


Unlikely friendships are born, some are broken. Trust is lost and born anew.

The old Order has come out of the shadows, a new era dawns...


Welcome to the Shadow Born...


Fast-paced, action-packed urban fantasy with a kick-ass heroine. Angels, demons, vampires combine in this final instalment of The Blood Moon Series.

Would you betray your lover to save your friend?


Eloise has seen a lot of horror. Her job as a paramedic in Bristol’s toughest areas she’s had to learn fast to protect herself and her patients.

But nothing prepared her for this…


Bitten by a traumatised victim something deep within her psyche awakened ...the victim screamed of a monster trying to eat him. And then her colleague lost his mind.


Unable to let fear hold her back she goes out armed with a smattering of knowledge to literally face demons.

At least hunting monsters, they face you head-on and don’t stab you in the back...


Meeting up with Jason there’s definitely something peculiar about him, but he too is hunting the creature that stalks the city.


Seeing ghosts is bad enough- having them share your home is downright strange...


Her world changed fast, vampires, demons, ghosts, magic and a powerful, seductive male witch.


But she can trust the human right?


Immortal Creatures is the first part of The Blood Oath trilogy which will keep you turning the pages into the small hours.

Dark urban fantasy, gritty and bloody with a bite of romance. 


Enter the world of magic, vampires, witches and Native American mythology. In Bristol, England...

Eloise & Jason are back early 2020 for the final two books of The Blood Oath Series; Immortal Secrets &

Immortal Obsession,

raising the stakes with every book.

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Not all will make it...

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