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Lands FEB 22nd

Sometimes the world doesn’t need a hero. It needs a vampire.

What laid buried for centuries has arisen, fuelled by blood-thirsty vengeance.


Trapped inside a portal, Eloise, Jason, and Hakon fight for their lives in brutal trials against horrific monsters.

From the shadows emerges The Father of all vampires, prepared to lead those he deems worthy in a battle that will bring the city to its knees.  


Forced to embrace their violent natures, supernatural beings of all kinds are pitted against each other with mortals caught in the crossfire. 


As Fae appear to take a stand, Eloise realizes she’s backed the wrong side.

But the war will not end without bloody sacrifice, and Eloise vows to do whatever it takes to save those she loves.


Choosing death for the greater good, her life will never be the same... 


Love will be tested, and redemption earned in, Immortal Obsession, the epic finale to the gripping Blood Oath Series! 

Sink your teeth in for a twist you’ll never forget!


An urban fantasy set in a world of magic and intrigue, Immortal Obsession is a book that delivers more than just bite. Grab your copy and get sucked in...

Immortal Obsession

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