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Always Dark Angel Series.

Vampires, demons, nephilim battle it out on the streets with a bite of romance. Gritty, elegant high action.

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With bloodthirsty immortals at war, one rookie vampire must navigate an unfamiliar world to save the woman he loves…


Anthony is struggling to survive a nasty problem: a newfound lust for blood. After a vicious attack leaves him changed forever, the former human has nothing and nobody to turn to.


But with the guidance of an

18th-century vampire, Anthony discovers a parallel realm that may give him a second chance…


As this new world governed by debauchery and self-indulgence teeters on the verge of war, Anthony finds himself caught in between the immortals and the Elite.


If that wasn’t bad enough, he hears rumours of twisted and tortured creatures forged in sinister experiments. But when Anthony discovers his still-human sweetheart has been dragged into the clash, he enters the battle with a vengeance…


Faced with the choice to side with predators or prey, Anthony may have found out far too late that saving both his new home and his true love could be impossible…

Immortal Curse is the first book in the Always Dark Angel saga, a series of urban fantasy novels. If you like embattled supernatural beings, flawed characters, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love JN Moon’s thrilling paranormal series.


Enter the blood-thirsty world of Immortal Curse today to satisfy your thirst for adventure…




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A world-weary vampire. A bloodthirsty angel. In a world turned upside down, humanity’s only hope is the undead…


Anthony had seen plenty of skin-crawling situations in his immortal life, but nothing compared to the sight of a fallen angel gorging on vampire blood. For thousands of years, the Nephilim had tried to wipe out Anthony’s kind. He never expected the formerly divine creatures would try to devour them…

Still reeling from the War of Immortals, Anthony must gather the remaining vampires to combat the angelic abominations. But with each drop of drained blood, a tear expands in the veil between life and death. And the damned have started to use the opening to crawl out from the depths of hell…

If Anthony can’t figure out a way to restore the balance in a hurry, then all hope for vampires and humans will be lost forever…
Dark Nephilim is the second powerful story in the Always Dark Angel series of urban fantasy novels. If you like complex paranormal creatures, action-packed adventures, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love JN Moon’s captivating tale. 

Enter the world of Dark Nephilim to get your vampire fix today!

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A new race is born of blood and savagery.

Children of the Fallen.


After fighting legions of evil, something macabre emerged from the ashes.

When Orion, one of the Fallen, is kidnapped by mysterious vampires, Anthony sets out to find him and is catapulted into a devastating nightmare.


Facing demonic brutality and a sinister necromancer threatening Anthony and his friends. Anthony’s morality is tested as he is pushed to his limits.

If he can’t find Orion, humankind will be lost. 


Anthony must make a choice: to save humanity and lose all that he loves or condemn mankind to a dystopian destiny. 


Children of the Fallen is the third book in the Always Dark Angel Series of urban fantasy novels. If you like action and passionate but flawed characters then you’ll love JN Moon’s electrifying paranormal series.

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The only place to go when everything is lost. 


When a secret is revealed to Anthony about his true heritage, Anthony leaves his home behind in search of answers to the truth that he was forbidden to know.


Traveling the world with Bael, King of Hell and the numinous Solomon’s ring, Anthony meets the family he never knew he had, and family is everything, even if you do want to kill some of them.


Together, they will break down the gates of Hell and restore the dark, demonic hordes back into the world of the living. And he will take his rightful place alongside the King, so long as he can trust Bael and the Devil.


The fourth book in the dark urban fantasy series takes a twist as friendships are turned upside down and Anthony finds himself fighting alongside his enemies, a choice he can never take back.


Grab your supernatural fix today and prepare for something unexpected…

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Those locked in Hell should stay there…


What a trio we were, a snarky hydra, a cocky Hell hound and me, the reluctant King of Hell.


After an ancient Sumerian deity escaped, the burden of capturing it fell to me.


Saddled with a title I never wanted, with legions of demons watching my every move, I had my work cut out for me.


Forced to swear fealty to old enemies to defeat a greater evil, I had two things on my mind: vengeance and my own death in the place that I am meant to rule.


Saving your friends from purgatory has consequences, it seems.


Join me in Hell? The Gateway is open…


A dark urban fantasy thriller with a twist of Greek mythology, snarky humour and blood. Lots of blood.

But that’s vampires for you!


I hate cliff hangers so all my books can be read as stand alone. 


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Mrcus Grimoire.jpg

The only thing that stands between humans and annihilation are the Nephilim.

Fallen angels sworn from birth to protect mankind from vampires, demons, and shifters.


Now their fate hangs on the edge as two vampires and a demon have stolen the most powerful relic to wipe out the Nephilim forever...


Fighting evil, saving people is normal for Marcus, a three-hundred-year-old Nephilim warrior.

Responding to an urgent call from his kin to stop the atrocity that threatens their very existence and that of humankind- Marcus is pushed to the edge.


Now he must battle with his own inner fears and the most powerful of all demons, Bael the King of Hell with his sixty-six legions of demons on his trail.


Trying to save his family and mankind, Marcus learns that sometimes it is better to trust the demon you know…

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