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If you think you’ll lose you’re right. If you think you’ll win, you’re right.


From my research into the most successful self-published authors what they all have in common is mindset. They believe in themselves. They don’t spend money- they invest in their business, in themselves.

So what happens if you don’t have much belief in yourself?


I used to believe the Law of Attraction and to an extent, it worked. I was also pretty good at astrology and that worked too- to an extent.

But why? Because I believed in it. I believed in it rather than believing in myself.

For me, this all turned around when I was skimming through a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he quoted Neville Goddard. So, I went to the source and I started studying Neville.

And I what I found was the most powerful teachings I have ever come across.

What’s a state? It’s a mood. You know how you feel, happy, enthused, sad, confident, not confident- these are all states. And where you reside the most is reflected back to you in life.

For example, if I was always angry, and lived in that state or if I was in victim mode, then life simply reflects this back.


Consider a runner. An athlete. When they run a race what state are they in? Despondent? Victim? No, they’re in the state of the winner, of already having run and won that race.


But they don’t all win! I hear the naysayers cry. But to quote J.K. Rowling, to not take part, to not have tried is to fail at life by default.

They have already won because they’re out there, doing their thing, living their chosen life. They train, invest in themselves with diet, exercise, and mental and emotional conditioning.



With Neville I understood that for 30 years I didn’t lack confidence- because confidence is a state and I am not a state. I had simply lived from that state! What a relief.

And past events no longer hold me back as I could revise them- a technique that Paul McKenna also teaches- there are some similarities between the two teachers.


But…. you have to apply daily. Saying you don’t have time is saying you’re not putting yourself- your life as a priority. And it takes two five-minute sessions a day, one on sleeping, one on waking.


When we’re about to sleep or just waking up we’re in Alpha brainwave state- maybe Theta. These states of brainwave pattern are akin to meditation. (Look it up!)


How do you do it? Feel it Real...


Lie down, shut your eyes, and take a few deep breaths then think of something that gives you a good feeling in your belly. It can be anything. Do this for about a minute.

Now, whatever your goal is, go to the end...


Want to be a bestselling author? If you were that now, and you were already living that what would imply that? Maybe you’d have a few friends round to celebrate your achievement? You imagine them congratulating you. But you must see this from your own eyes, you must Step Into It in your imagination. Don’t make the mistake of seeing your body in it, see it as if you are there, so you’d see your hand in front of you toasting the fact that you are financially comfortable to work full time as an author.


You’re happy that readers love your work- You give value to peoples lives. You’re helping newer authors, giving them a leg up. Get it?

This whole process takes about 5 minutes. When you hear the chink of the glasses, your belly will feel warm, it's done. Then you either sleep or you get up. DON’T look for signs! Just carry on with your life and think of other things you’d like- add that to your list.


What Happens Next?

No big thunderbolts from the sky, no signs. Situations or people will appear and you'll act. You may NOT realize at the time that this is a consequence of your Feel it Real Session- you might notice that later. But it works.


Words don't have power. It's the FEELING behind the words, behind the state that drives words or thoughts. You don't do your sessions to Get The Stuff, you do it to Practice The Feeling. Which is why you go to the end.



Keep a notebook on you, every time you notice your mind being negative about anything, make a note. Noticing this is major. We all self-talk but it is so subtle we can miss it. If however, you’re in STATE, your mind-chatter will reflect that. 


Every now and then just stop what you're doing and notice, what am I thinking? If it's your boss giving you a hard time, change it just to see your boss smiling and carry on. 


Sounds crazy? Well, since I’ve done this my life is 85% happy all the time. I still have things I want to change, money, work, relationships but I don’t live in a doom and gloom state.  


It doesn’t mean I don’t have problems, I certainly do but I don’t live from that state.

That allows new ideas to come to build bridges to get to where I’m going. It's an adventure, and it's opened up so many doors.

If I see a situation or some news that is upsetting, I stop. I imagine Lovingly for that situation until I feel it in my tummy. I do this automatically now.


But I’m no teacher of this, I learned heaps from my teacher (No, this isn’t affiliated links) Twenty Twenty, and he offers a FREE 7 Day Course. It’ll take you 5 mins a day.


Sign up for the Free daily lessons.


Why am I posting about this on an Author website?


Because I spent years and years doubting, not believing in myself and I don’t want you to live like that. I’m not religious in any way and I’ve found these life hacks help anyone in any sphere if they just apply them. Whatever you’re doing, I wish you speedy success. Keep me posted 😊

I’d love to know how you find these.


As a side note, I did Twenty’s 90-day Manifesting Mastery course, right now I’m doing it for the fifth time. Once you’ve done it you can just ask and he’ll resend the emails. Every morning I get a 5 mins mp3 with a lesson which I apply for 3 mins 3 times a day. It has changed my life.


Book: The Power of Awareness (Also included Awakened Imagination) Neville Goddard (.com)

The Power of Awareness (Also included Awakened Imagination) UK