What are these stories about and are they for me?


My stories are based in the world of Urban Fantasy, vampires, werewolves, demons, and humans amongst others. They might start with a supernatural character or a human character but all have to face challenges, overwhelming odds and extraordinary situations and become something more than they started.


I prefer starting with the ordinary because we can all relate and relating to a character, for me is key. As is undergoing situations that can push us to our limits, bring out our dreams and our fears.



I find vampires interesting characters, especially when they’re first turned. Outcast, scared and alone in a world full of beings unlike them- every person has felt the same to one degree or another. So, the exploration is exciting.


What situations have made you? I think life isn’t so much about what we go through, but how we grow and behave after the life-changing event has happened.

And finally, would you be a vampire?