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Wolf Moon

A lone alpha.

A community shattered by a bloodbath.
A love born from
the ashes...


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Wolf Spell

The Witch & the Werewolf Series.

The original alpha, an outcast witch, and the forbidden love neither can deny. 

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Lucifer Unbound

The Devil's Redemption Legacies.

The Apocalypse has begun.
My brethren of archangels are being tortured and killed by creation’s first murderer.
I will not stand for it.

So often stories are produced that look at Lucifer as Satan but this deals with him as the Morningstar and what it must be like for him, an angel, to be condemned to Hell. This is a very well written book, the characters are well developed and believable and the story's pace is well thought out and has enough twists and turns to keep you engaged. This is a very good start to what should be an interesting series of books.





Another page turner by this amazing author. The storyline is unique with in depth characters that you will quickly become invested in.


This is a fresh look at the story of Lucifer, the fallen angel. It introduces a rich lore with many questions raised about the hierarchy of both Heaven and Hell. Lucifer is on Earth to try to rescue his brothers - archangels, and finds his beliefs and preconceptions challenged at every turn. I was pulled in from the first page and enjoyed all the twists and turns immensely.



A writer of Dark Urban Fantasy with a smattering of gothic horror.

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